Hi! I'm cathos, though you may know me by other names in real life.

I'm curious about lots of things, and I've worked in many fields and pursued a lot of hobbies.

I studied software development at Ada Developer's Academy in 2022, and interned at Indeed on a DevOps team from 2022 to early 2023..

I'm passionate about spirituality and mysticism. I come from a Christian background, but no longer identify with many parts of the Christian tradition.

I'm passionate about coffee and tea. I was a coffee roaster at Breckenridge Coffee Roasters for four years. I currently have a 1-kilo roaster, and I roast for friends and family.

I worked off-and-on for years as an architectural drafter.

I studied Soil & Water Science in college, but did not finish a degree.

Decentralized, small, and low-tech technology are a big focus of my thoughts right now.

I'm passionate about social justice and ecological justice.

I love to tinker, cook, and make things!